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WindowVision™ programmable electronic window display systems can help your business many ways:

  • These displays don’t cost you a penny; they earn you more money.

  • They allow real-time communication with potential customers.  With almost 20% of the US population moving in a year, the success of your business relies heavily on your message.  What is effective now may not be effective later…or after lunch.

  • They attract attention through animation and brightness so they increase awareness of your business location and your products.

  • They make your location appear busy, improving the appearance of your business.

  • They are much less expensive than LED Signs (which we also manufacture) and are easier to install.  You already have the window.

  • Your advertising dollars are invested in selling in your trade area, preventing excessive advertising expenses.

  • Changing your message, any time you wish, is as easy as emailing us a message.  It can be done often and safely.

  • WindowVision™ is readable from a great distance, especially in poor lighting.

  • Need to upgrade the image of your location?  Because the first impression of a business, church, or school IS its signs, a WindowVision™ display instantly gives potential customers a modern up-to-date impression of your business!

The incredible success of digital LED Signs in driving customers to a business is well-proven.  Success stories of 15-150% sales increases are common.

But, if you don’t have a location to install one of these LED Signs, how can you also participate in the benefits? 

Do you have a window?

Research shows that you have 3 seconds to attract a passerby’s attention and communicate your message.  A WindowVision™ electronic video display will make your message stand out from the crowd of signs around you.  Combining that capability with animated messages in color can drive your sales up 15% to 150%!

Read what the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has to say about the effectiveness of electronic message centers at

What Makes WindowVision so Special?

WindowVision™ programmable electronic window display systems give locations that can not otherwise have real-time communications with potential customers this advantage that LED Signs provide.

WindowVision™ project on standard window glass; no special glass or installations are required.

WindowVision™ are computer-screen-quality images; not pixelated as a LED Sign’s display can be.  The images are much better for up-close viewing.

Importantly, unlike any other banner in a window, WindowVision™ do not clutter the window, or block the light.

And, WindowVision™ appear modern, not cheap.

Most special, the screen can be formed into virtually any shape the customer desires; truly a one-of-a-kind, customized look.  The outline of a car, or a donut, or a barber-pole, or a space ship?  Or, you can cover the entire window with a moving image!

WindowVision™ are over 15 times brighter than a TV screen.

Why Not Use a Television?

TV’s do not have as bright a display as is necessary for long-distance readability in outdoor use.  TVs brag “500 nits brightness.”  WindowVision™ are over 15 times brighter than a TV screen.

Glare on a TV screen is a big problem.

Only “specialty” TV’s even claim to be weatherproof.

All modern flat-screen televisions are LCD televisions.

So-called “LED” TV’s are actually LCD screens, edge or back lighted with LEDs.

  • LCD’s will not function with internal temperatures above 122° F.  (200° is common in an enclosed box placed outside in a Texas summer.)

  • LCD’s will not function in extreme cold.

  • LCD screens have very limited viewing angles.

Things We Can Do

  • Text, Graphics, or Both          

  • Animated Text and Graphics (additional cost)

  • Slideshow Playback

  • Video - Prerecorded Clips & Live Feeds

  • Tiling

  • Scheduling

  • Time and Temperature Display

What is Tiling - Do I Need It?

Multiple WindowVision™ window displays can be joined to create multi-window displays.  Picture a single animated dragon stretching across every window of a Chinese restaurant.  Do you think this would be noticed by passers-by?

Nits vs. Brightness

A “nit” is an old term describing “…the illumination of a 1 square meter surface by the light of one tallow candle shining on it.”  “Nits” has no standard for modern scientific measurement – it is only a marketing term.  (Nits has no ANSI or International System of Units (SI) fixed method of determination, such as from how far away it is measured, so it has no scientific meaning, or comparative value.)

At Signs Manufacturing we evaluate the “Brightness” of our WindowVision™ products by illuminating a square meter of display face White at 100% power and taking a scientific lumen (aka: lux) reading 1 meter from the display face.  Not this “nits” baloney.

Many TVs brag “500 nits brightness.”  WindowVision™ are over 15 times brighter than a TV screen (8,500 lumens.)

Brightness Adjustment

Signs Manufacturing™ LED signs automatically adjust their brightness to account for current lighting conditions.  Besides making the display more effective for advertising, this feature reduces total electrical consumption and increases component life.  A good LED display that is bright enough to draw attention during the day is too bright at night without Automatic Brightness Control.  It's like staring into a flashlight; nothing is readable!

WindowVision™ is pre-set during installation to achieve the optimum amount of lighting to give your message the most impact without being too bright or too dark.


Our operating system is installed on the controlling computer, not "on the cloud" (aka: OneDrive® or Google Drive®.) 

“…signs sold by Yesco (Samsung) across the United States were also hacked…use “cloud” software which keeps everything online, allowing their system to easily be hacked.” – Security Expert Dan Tentler (The images that were run were VERY X-rated – probably not good for your image.)

Visit Our Display Showroom and Sign Lighting Laboratory

Unique in the entire sign industry, Signs Manufacturing™ built an 85’ by 50’ (over 4,000 sq. ft.) indoor sign lighting laboratory for testing the longevity, visibility, and effectiveness of all the lighted signs we manufacture.

We have opened our laboratory to the public, for FREE, adding a Showroom including WindowVision™ programmable electronic window display systems because we realize how important one would be to consumers.

If you are considering an WindowVision™ this exclusive opportunity will be particularly important.  We must determine which display type is best for your particular requirements, so that your display will be successful considering how you will use it.  You want to turn drive-by traffic into walk-in customers!

Electronic Video Display™ units are always on display.

Rear-imaging screens are affected by window tint, and you probably already have your windows.  We will test and demonstrate various screens on-site, but it is hugely valuable to observe the screen options available in the controlled environment of our Showroom.

Viewing angles can be observed more precisely in a controlled environment, also.


See the stunning results achievable with non-traditional screen shapes.

Also, compare WindowVision™ to 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm, 16mm and 19mm 481-trillion-color exposed-LED Balanced Array™, exposed-LED Classic™ pixel-cluster signs, SMD enclosed-LED Signs, the newest SpectraLites™ Color-Changing-LED™ Signs, monotone message centers, and monochrome 4-thousand-shade display signs.

We also display a see-thru curtain-wall display sign, and a curved LED display sign.

Also on display is an economical fixed-message Full-color LED Message Center, and a fully self-contained, self-powered portable LED Sign trailer, the LED Sled™.  And, channel letters, box signs, monument signs, pole signs, every type of sign.

We invite you to observe all these types of signage, viewing them up close as well as from a distance, under varying light conditions (and stay out of the weather while doing so!)

Don’t buy a sign from a drawing, or a slick, photo shopped, website, when you can actually see and compare real signs and projections.


No one else can offer you this unique opportunity.  Be sure to take advantage.  Your business will be better because you do.

"I almost made a huge mistake by not listening to you and visiting your showroom prior to buying my sign.  I thought I knew what I wanted, after listening to so many salespeople...boy, was I wrong.  My vision of the sign did not jibe with what it would really turn out to be, even after viewing so many drawings.  It was obvious the moment I entered the showroom.  If I had stuck to my guns my sign would have been a disaster.  I would have wasted a lot of money." - Cecil Drake, Drake Communications

What Does WindowVision™ Consist Of?

  • A custom-shaped translucent screen installed on an existing window.

  • A computer, connected to the internet.  The customer is responsible for providing internet services.

  • An imaging system installed to project images onto the screen, or multiple screens.

  • Cabling or Wi-Fi between the computer and the imaging system.  The customer is responsible for electrical service to both the computer and the imaging system locations.

  • A mounting system for the imaging system.

  • A weather-proofing/ventilation containment system for outdoor components, if required.

  • Sun-screening covers if necessary (we even build awnings!)

Personalized Service

We are not a small marketing company. 

In addition to your personal salesperson, your project will be managed by:

  • A Project Manager assigned to shepherd your project thru to installation.  In addition to your salesperson, your Project Manager will also interface with you to keep you informed with periodic updates, and obtain additional information so we can quickly solve any problems that arise.

  • Our Image Krafter™ Design Team double-checks the proportions of both the product you ordered and the installation location. 

  • Our Master Electricians ensure a safe installation.

  • Our Installation Manager reviews everything known about the installation location to verify that our manufacturing methods will allow for efficient installation at your particular location.

  • Our Production Manager verifies that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then schedules production.  The more “eyes” on a project, the better!

  • Our Purchasing Manager assures that all the necessary materials have arrived before production begins.

  • Our Shop Foreman verifies again that all pertinent manufacturing information is available, then has your sign manufactured by our shop personnel.  Again, the more “eyes” on a project, the better!

  • Our Programming Technician programs and encrypts the display’s control software, and also customizes the programming software to the individual sign.

  • Quality Control putting even more “eyes” on your project, tests and verifies.

  • Our Installation Manager now shepherds the installation with our trained, State-licensed, technicians.

  • Our Image Krafter™ Design Team continuously prepares programming for the sign as requested by the customer.

  • Our Programming Technician updates the sign’s programming as required.

  • Our Service Manager and our trained, State-licensed, technicians assure that the display continues to function properly.

Getting The Best Results From Your New Display

How will you get the most results from advertising with a WindowVision™ programmable electronic window display system?

How do you attract the most attention possible?

WindowVision™ offers a whole new way of advertising, a way to change your message to potential customers based on the day of the week, time of the day, the weather, even whether or not the Cowboys won.

Define your goal:

  • Do you want people to walk into your store?

  • Remember you for later?

  • Call you?

  • Email you?

  • Read your website?

  • Come to an event?

  • Or are you trying to promote a product?

  • Do you want neighbors to think of you as involved in the community?

  • Do you want your windows to show that your business is busy?  Even when it is not?

  • Do you want creative, virtual, storefront window displays?  The excitement of a downtown department store at a 1000th of the cost?

Develop a strategy to meet that goal.  Don't try to accomplish too much at once.

  • If you display a single message, or the same group of messages repeatedly, you are not reaching the potential this medium has to promote your business.

  • If you display red lettered messages, when you have a palate of 281,000,000,000,000 shades and colors to use to attract attention you are short-changing yourself.  Moving colors attract attention.

  • Add a border around text so that it doesn't blend in with the background.

  • If your messages are constantly different the people who view your store the most often, people who live and  work in the area and are potentially your core customers, will look at your sign and business as an entertaining landmark.

  • Have a differing set of messages, ones that change morning, afternoon and evening.  For instance, “Have a Good Day” is a great morning message whereas “Have a Safe Drive Home” is a great evening message.

  • Think about what your customers want at differing times of the day, week, or weather and offer it to them.

  • Keep messages as short and direct as possible.  Most people reading your sign are in vehicles and must absorb your message quickly.  Long or confusing messages have proven to not be effective in attracting customers.  Keep it simple and easy to assimilate at one glance.  Scrolling messages do not work.

  • Show prices to bring in customers.

  • Show pictures of products.

  • Advertise specials.

  • Display special events.

  • Display news and updates.

  • Use fast transition animations (you're not trying to show them the animation, you want to show the message).

  • If the message is written too small to be read easily from the distance it is viewed it will not be effective.


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