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Sunburst LED Displays

Paints and Metal Finishes

The goal of every sign is to be noticed.  Paint your sign some color other than Architectural Brown, which is what the Chinese paint ALL of their signs.

Stand out.  You have 32,807 choices.  Maybe even add a neon border.  We can do that!

SIGN PAINTED WITH HOUSE PAINTIS PAINT QUALITY IMPORTANT TO ME? Look at the letters at the right.  The sign looked good when new, but even the plastic has lasted longer than the paint (this sign is only 2 years old.)  What is your impression of this business?

Signs Manufacturing™ also uses the new Signlux Paint Systems™ Automotive+ paints and two-part primer systems.

The entire channel letter sign will be epoxy primed, then finished with Signlux™ modern acrylic urethane automotive type finish coats, to insure that it continues to look good for many years.  Even though these paints and primers are five times more expensive the long-term results are well worth the price.

In fact, the same paint types are used by BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and many other luxury automobile manufacturers to paint their cars!

But, Signlux™ offers many advantages over “automotive” paint when used on signs.

Signlux™ features compatible systems of very durable, high solid yet flexible paints specifically formulated for applications on metals, plastics, wood, banners and flexible sign-face materials.  These paints do not chip off the surface because of heat-freeze cycles.  The paints are UV stabilized to virtually eliminate fading.

Signlux Paint Systems™ feature their own paint intermix system. The system uses the latest in paint mixing technology; more sophisticated than any paint store's.

An astonishing 32,807 colors can be mixed.  Virtually all PMS (Pantone) colors can be closely matched.

Color-matching opaque and translucent paint formulas are featured.  Metals are painted opaquely.  Plastic and flexible sign-face materials are painted translucently so that the sign face lights in color at night.  Not all sign companies do this!

Metals can be painted with either a solid color or "metallic" finish.

Signlux™ is compatible with our Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere coatings protecting the electronics in the Sunburst™ Digital LED Electronic Message Centers and Video Displays we manufacture.

Our painters are factory-trained and certified.

Our painting is virtually blemish-free.

Painting air is cleaned and dried twice before entering the paint booth, and again before painting.

Our state-of-the-art paint booth, 25’ by 25’ by 16’ tall, with full-sized entry/exit doors on each end, filters the air coming into the booth as well as the air discharge.  (The booth even has its own built-in explosion-proof lifting crane.)

For truly unique signs, Sunburst Displays™ is the ONLY sign company in Texas that can finish the returns and/or back-plates on channel letter signs (or anything else, even walls) in ACTUAL:

  • Brass (Polished or Weathered)

  • Iron (Burnished or Rusted)

  • Pewter

  • Bronze (Polished or Weathered)

  • Copper (Polished or Patina)

  • Nickel-Silver

  • Stainless Steel (Polished or Satin)

  • Smoked Chrome

Or other exotic metals.

Please stop by and see all of these products displayed in our unique Sign Lighting Laboratory and Display Showroom.

PMS Colors

PMS Color WheelClick on the picture to examine all PMS Colors

Colors may vary slightly because of the computer or printer used.



"It (the newest sign) looks beautiful!  The paint job is very nice."

Chris Smith, Baylor Hospital 

Intertek (ETL) Approved ManufacturerUnderwriters Laboratories (UL) Approved ManufacturerSigns Manufacturing™ & Maintenance Corp.


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