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This is a tool for your use to insure that quotations you receive are for the same sign!  Insist that your bidders check-mark each line, then sign the document when they give you their quote.





LIFETIME* Warranty


“Partial” and “Final” Lien Releases to insure that My Deposit and Final Payment Money is used to pay for Materials and Labor used in My Sign, so that I am not legally personally liable for these debts


$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance


Product Liability Insurance


State of Texas License to Manufacture Signs


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed signs

Electric Sign Authority (ESA) Listed Signs

QualityCertifiedSigns™ Trained Technicians Utilized

Signs Manufactured In-House (NOT subcontracted)


.063, #3003 H-14 or heavier Aluminum Sign Panels (NOT steel or “Paint-grip”)


Welded Structural Steel inner frames


Certified Welding

Structural Frame Painted PRIOR to Exterior Skins being Attached (Prevents Rust)


All Seams Caulked


Drain Holes


Interior and Exterior of Sign EPOXY Primed Prior to Painting


UV Stabilized Acrylic Urethane (automotive) quality paints used (Wyandotte Grip-Gard, Grip-Flex, and Meta-Flex paints) or equal


Inside of Sign Cabinet Painted Reflective White


Only Cyro impact-Modified-Acrylic, GE Lexan, 3M or Cooley Flexible Sign Face Material used for Sign Faces


Sign Faces must be removable without taking the sign to the ground


SolarGuard™ Clear Solar Protection on Plastics, and/or


OptiGard™ Flexible Sign Face Protection System


Lumabrite™ Optical Brighteners on Plastics


Self-cleaning Sign Faces


UV Stabilized Translucent Wyandotte Grip-Flex, paint (or equal) used for Graphics


“Daylight” Illumination



Brighter Signs™ Technology  
High-output fluorescent or HID internal signs lighting  
Energy-saving Electrical Components  
Hi-pot tested Electrical Circuits  
Every Ballast Fused  
Pre-heat circuits individually tested at EVERY socket  
Neon made In-House (NOT subcontracted)  
Computer Generated (exact) Neon Patterns  

Nickel-Flex Electrodes with Dumet alloy inner leads, heavy-gauge solid-nickel corrosion-proof 7-strand exterior leads and ceramic collars used on all neon

All Neon “burned-in” prior to installation (24 hours minimum)  

Transformer loading checked by both voltage and amperage tests

Only Ground Fault Indicating transformers used in this sign  
Only Translux high-voltage silicone-insulated wire used during neon installation  
Neon Electrode Boots as required by Underwriter’s Laboratory  
Only Glass tube/wire supports with stainless steel bases used (NOT plastic)  
Sign meets Underwriters Laboratories, National Electrical Code, State and City Codes  
In-House Installation & Service (NOT subcontracted)  
All components will be new.  
All fasteners will be galvanized or non-corrosive.  
Signs attached to poles are Welded in Place  
The work area will be left in a broom-clean condition  
Permit acquisition labor is included in this quotation  

Installations supervised by State Licensed Master Sign Electrician and Master Electrician

State Licensed Sign Installers and State Licensed Electricians will be used  
Maintenance Manual  
Free Co-op Advertising Program  
Free "Coming Soon" Parking-lot Sign  

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Intertek (ETL) Approved ManufacturerUnderwriters Laboratories (UL) Approved ManufacturerSigns Manufacturing™ & Maintenance Corp.


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