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Brighter Signs™ for Pole Signs and Pylon Signs


We always space fluorescent lighting tubes, and HID lighting, 25% closer than virtually all other sign manufacturers, much closer than the "cheap" manufacturers, to insure a bright sign.

Our goal is to get a potential customer to notice your sign first; rather than look at someone else’s sign and never notice yours.   When you use electricity it should attract customers.

Signs Manufacturing™ uses Solar Finishes™ "Bright Reflective White" paint inside every cabinet sign we produce to increase the apparent light output of fluorescent, HID, neon and LEDs by 100%, and even light distribution. 

As a lighting alternative Signs Manufacturing™ offers Tri-phosphor fluorescent lamps which increase the light output of sign cabinets by an additional 25%, increase the lamp-life 5-fold (60,000 hours), and use less energy than LEDs to create a similar result while costing less!

Lamp life is especially important in pole and pylon signs, where the cost of labor and vehicles to change a lamp is many, many times the cost of the lamp!

These products incorporated into your new sign will make your sign significantly brighter than all other signs in the area when lighted.  Potential customers will see your sign first so it is the one that will make the strongest impression!

Make sure you have witnessed our demonstration of sign brightness in our Sign Lighting Laboratory and Showroom before making a lamp-choice decision.  The differences are dramatic.

 Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign Pole Sign

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