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 Our Installed Sunburst Displays™ Message Center Pricing Includes:

Balanced Array™, Classic™ Series, or SMD LED Display™ Signs: included
Pre-Programmed: included
Electronic Message Center Color: Red, or Amber, or RGB
SolarBrite™ LEDs included
Electronic Message Center Display Capability: 256/4,000/26,000/6,000,000/4+ billion shades/colors
Electronic Message Center Matrix: varies by size
Electronic Message Center Display: Balanced Array™ 6, 8,  or 10 mm
Resolution (Pixels per Square Foot) (6, 8, 10 mm): 9376, 5848, 3720
LED's per Square Foot (6, 8, 10 mm): 2344, 1462, 930
Electronic Message Center Viewing Angles: 170° horizontally, 85° vertically
Electronic Message Center Minimum Character Size: varies by size, 2 3/8" minimum
Display Appearance: retainer faces or bleed faces
Impact-Resistant, Flame-Proof, UV-Protected Sign Faces and Glare Shields: individual shields and curved
SolarGuard™ Protection included
Lumabrite™ Protection included
Open Architecture Programming Software: included
Both Superior™ and Enhanced™ Operating Modes: included
Electronic Message Center Text/Graphics Capabilities: both
Text-over-image: included
Pre-programmed Fonts: included
Clip-Art: included
Video: included
Pre-programmed Video: included
Animation: included
Slide-shows included
64 GB Non-volatile Memory: included
Temperature-controlled Power Ventilation: included
Double-faced Signs Single/Double Programming Option: included
Electronic Message Center Time & Temperature Option: included
Electronic Message Center Software Training: included
Free Lap-Top Computer Pre-Programmed for the Sign: included
Electronic Message Center Computer Link Type: Wi-Fi Wireless Modem Standard
Group Links: optional
Programming via Internet: optional
UL Listed: included

Internal Processor - Not a Computer

Does Not Operate on "Windows":


Double-faced Signs Manufactured Enclosed In Single Cabinet:


All Aluminum Exterior Metal: included
Structural Steel Interior Frame: included
CNC Precision Manufacturing: included
Ceramic Vacuum Microsphere Shield: included
Painted with Signlux Paint Systems™ Automotive+ Paint: included
MIL-I-46058C US Military Specification Electrical Insulating Coating: included
H2ORepel™ Waterproof Interior Coating: included
Self-Cleaning Sign Faces: included
Design Center and Drawings: included
   Sign Placement/Sizing Drawing: included
  Permit Survey: included
 Permit Drawings: included
Landlord Drawings: included if required
Engineering: included
Engineering Drawings: included
ANSI/UL 5.2 24 hour Temperature Rise Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.5 24 hour Electrical Usage and Stability Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.7 Gasket Aging Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.8 Gasket Adhesion Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.9 Exclusion of Water Tested: included
ANSI/UL 5.3 Hi-Pot Tested while the Sign is Wet: included
ANSI/UL 5.1 Bond Impedance Tested: included
ANSI/UL 8.2 Electronics Input Tested: included
ANSI/UL 8.12.1 Electronics Humidity Tested: included
 (IEC/EN 61000-4-1 thru 6-4) EMI and EMC Tested: included
Mil Std 883 High Temperature Tested: included
Mil Std 810 Altitude Tested: included
ASTM D149-09 Dielectric Voltage Withstand Tested: included
UL or ETL Listing (varies by type of sign): included
Permit Filing: included
 Delivery Cost: included
Pre-Installation City Inspection: included if required
State-licensed Installation: included
QualityCertifiedSigns™ Trained Technicians Utilized: included
 Post-Installation City Inspection:  included if required
LIFETIME* Warranty: included
Zap Protection™: optional
Zap Insurance™: optional
Sales/Use Tax: plus tax or State of Texas Exemption Certificate
City Sign Permit Cost(s): additional at cost
Free Co-op Advertising: included
Grand Opening Package: included

Our Installed Message Center Pricing Does NOT Include:

"Our electronic-message-centers were nightmares.  Even though they were only 2 years old the manufacturer refused to service them."

Major Vincent, Salvation Army


"Our LED electronic-message-center which cost us over $28,000 failed when it was 2 weeks old.  The company that installed it refuses to repair it - saying it can't be fixed.  The manufacturer refuses to fix it also.  Please repair or replace it."

Mark McCarthy, Harvest Christian Fellowship  (We had to replace it, they had to sue the manufacturer and installer.)

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