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What Questions Do You Need Answered to Make an Informed Sign Purchasing Decision?

  • What will the sign look like once it is installed?

  • How will the sign compare to surrounding signs?

  • What kind of image will this environment create for you?

  • Would a more expensive sign be better for your business?

  • Would a less expensive sign be better for your business?

  • Does the city allow the type of sign you want?

  • Are there any size or placement restrictions?

  • Does your landlord allow the type of sign you want?

  • Do they have size or placement restrictions?

  • Can the sign be physically installed, or are there obvious problems; engineering, safety, vision, installation cost, overhead obstructions, under hangs, setbacks, visibility triangles, electrical, other?

  • What will total costs for each sign choice be?

  • Can these costs for the sign choices be justified by increasing business?

  • How long will it take to begin creating an additional profit?

  • What are the traffic counts for the location you are considering?

  • Should you be installing this sign at this location?

  • What are your purchasing options?

  • What are your leasing options?

  • Will you qualify for a free LED free-standing sign?

  • What other advertising options and opportunities do you have?

We are Here to Help

Obtaining answers to these complex questions is easy (for you!)

Fill out the form on the right side of this page, or call us.

We can prepare a complete report answering ALL the pertinent questions above, and give it to you.

We've installed over 75,000 signs in the Metroplex.  We have two university-trained marketing professionals, and a  university-trained finance professional on staff.  We can get you the answers you need to make a decision.  We've done it thousands of times.

We know that if you are an informed buyer there is a very good chance you will become a successful, lifelong, customer.  Therefore it is important to us that you are extremely successful.

Additional, Free, Design and Marketing Services

We are also here to help with sign marketing decisions that affect the look of your new sign.  Click on the "Design Center" tab one page up to learn about our free design and marketing services (different from market research.)

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