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Helping Our Environment

Texas Commission on Environmental QualityUnited States Environmental Protection AgencySigns Manufacturing does all we can to be responsible members of society.

In addition to environmentally friendly painting, and paint and solvent disposal practices, we recycle steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, tire, battery, oil, oil filter, coolant, paint filter, paper, and wood, including all the old signs we remove for customers, even though we have to pay to have many of these recycled.

REAL "Carbon-Offsets."

We champion energy-saving signs solutions that save our customers money while protecting our environment.  No matter what type of signs you are considering, please explore our "Lighting Choices" tab for each product, with its own "Energy Savings" tab.

Dallas Signs Mfg's Recycling Containers with Storm-water CoverWe are currently investing in replacing all our paint with improved products with NO trace metals, and 1/3 the VOC.  Solvent usage is reduced also.

We are VOLUNTARILY inspected by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on a regular basis.

City of Dallas SealIn fact, Signs Manufacturing™ was awarded multiple Compliance Commitment Partnership (C2) Awards by the State of Texas, celebrating 100% compliance with all Texas and E.P.A. environmental rules and regulations over 15+ years.State of Texas C2 Awards

We are the only sign company to ever receive even a single commendation from the State.

We are proud that we can operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing created our EnergySavingSigns™ program to promote the wise use of energy for advertising.

Remember, you're saving more than electricity.

Click on the "EnergySavingSigns™" tab on the "Sign-types" page to compare the energy-consumption of various electrical sign types.

EnergySaving™ PinLights™ & LetterLites™ Signs

Underwriters Laboratories has evaluated our sister products PinLights and LetterLites and they have been approved for use in outdoor, damp and wet location signs.  UL Approval #E345252.

They are the only approved individual LED first-surface lighting products.

PinLights™ or LetterLites consume 0.1 watt per light at 5 volts DC!  One thousand lights left on 8 hours per day for 365 days will use $4.01 in electricity.

As the manufacturer we are very proud of this.

Solar Powered EnergySavingSigns™

Solar EnergyStar Signs Power KitPinLights™ Cabinet signs, LetterLites™ External First-surface LED Channel Letter lighting,  and SolarBrite™ LED lighting, can be economically directly solar powered, without even using an energy-robbing inverter, saving you even more!

You are saving much more than just energy, and money.




Intertek (ETL) Approved ManufacturerUnderwriters Laboratories (UL) Approved ManufacturerSigns Manufacturing™ & Maintenance Corp.


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