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Customer Comments

"Robert has been excellent in keeping me informed and he really knows the EMC board process. I will be sending you ALL of our EMC board repairs from now on.  It has taken months and 3 vendors to find out the real issues that were going on with these 2 sites ... I appreciate you all and all your hard work on these sites."

Paige McClancy, AGI

"They get service and installations done in a timely matter and keep me informed throughout the process. I will definitely come back to them time and time again."

Jennifer O'Neill

"Just purchased a custom built neon from Signs Manufacturing for The Green Room in Deep Ellum. Couldn't be happier with the sign and the customer service! I will absolutely be back for a few more! Highly recommend to anyone interested in custom built neons! Thank you again to Mark for delivering and hanging it for us! Excellent job guys!"

Christian Baird, The Green Room

"It looks great! Thanks so much. I'll be in the market for one on the back of my store soon. You have my business."

Adam, Fosters Wine & Spirits

"The signs look great! You did a great job, I'm very happy. I'm buying a new property next week and I'm going to call you about the signs there too. This store looks so good, I love the new signs. Great job! We're so busy those signs will pay for themselves in no time!"

Tom, Lisa's Chicken, Fort Worth, TX

"Thanks a bunch for the awesome sign!"

Midwest Hose & Supply

"You were first on the scene and your work has been a beacon to all the sub-contractors as they came from all over the county to try to find us. I have had untold compliments on the CLASS of our signage. Even the City Fathers like it!!! Thank you for leading us through the selection and application process."

Jack Hannon, Royal Haven Baptist Church, Farmers Branch, TX

"We are buying our next digital signs from you.  It is too much effort and money to keep up with a low quality sign."

Myles Pennington II, Trinity Valley Community College

James Edward Posey "is a known felon and wanted in Arlington, Grand Prairie and Dallas ... He also goes by Buddy and Pops ... he has owned Inca Advertising and currently owns "Pops Signs" ... operates out of Grand Prairie ... is wanted for check fraud, theft and has multiple convictions ... he has 100's of clients he has started work for, cashed their checks and never finished the work."

Skylar Lemings, Bark Town, Arlington, TX

"We paid $34,000 for a full-color LED message center from ***** Signs & Lighting.  It took them 11 months to get it installed.  It is now 4 months old and has never worked in full-color mode.  They don't know how to make it work.  Can you fix it?"

Jack Miller, Grace Point Church

"I almost made a huge mistake by not listening to you and visiting your showroom prior to buying my sign.  I thought I knew what I wanted, after listening to so many salespeople...boy, was I wrong.  My vision of the sign did not jibe with what it would really turn out to be, even after viewing so many drawings.  It was obvious the moment I entered the showroom.  If I had stuck to my guns my sign would have been a disaster.  I would have wasted a lot of money."

Cecil Drake, Drake Communications

"I had a **** (sign company) right across the street … that store's out of business now … I found out they hired some other company to build and install our sign and they did a really #@%&&$ job, the thing has never lit right.  **** Corporate won't do anything, they say the closed store was an independent franchise, and the sign builder/installer won't fix it, they say we weren't their customer.  I need you to come out, tell me what it will cost to get the thing working properly and get it fixed."

Chris Jennings, Jimmy Johns

"Thanks so much for helping us to make it through this ordeal of deciding what kind of sign to have and then having to work with the city zoning codes and their changing stories.  Your help and experience is deeply appreciated."

"The sign came out just the right size, with great graphics, clear lettering and it helps us be noticed from the road.  Also, its sharp looks gives us better name recognition and "street cred" (sp) as well."

"We would gladly work with you again and recommend you to anyone needing signage."

Clark Dunlap, Pastor, First Baptist Smithfield

"YOU ROCK!!!!"

Ray McDonald, Insite Group

"Sign looks awesome!  You and the guys did a fantastic job.  Thanks."

Scott Binkley, Scooters, Garland

"My second sign from Signs Manufacturing was just installed and it looks great.  The entire process was very smooth and easy, from design stage to contracts, manufacturing and finally installation.  I have had my first sign for almost 10 years and the service department works as well as the rest of the organization.  I recommend Signs Manufacturing to anyone who needs a sign for their business, from the very simple to the very unique."

Andy Rector, Azle Lions Club

"Its perfect thank you sir very much awesome job I’m amazed that u pulled that off so fast lol thanks a lot"

Michael Thorpe, MotoVape

"It (the newest sign) looks beautiful!  The paint job is very nice.  Moses is a good guy!!"

Chris Smith, Baylor Hospital 

"I think your company is amazing!  Yes!"  "I'd like to let your company know that I've had a lot of bid's on signage for my new store...the salesman that came to see me was so professional and knowledgeable about your product I decided to go with your company..."

Tim Levasseur, Liberty Coins

"You guys rock!!!!  The signage looks awesome! I just happened to stop by the store today and there they were installing it!  Many, many thanks to you and all those involved.  Again, thanks so much for the speedy work."

 Judy Furney, Doorstep Chef

“The wall-sign looks fantastic!  It’s the best quality sign job I’ve ever seen.  Our sales went from $250 to $950 a day!”

Pat Kerwin, Park Cities Tan (describing $250,000 annual sales increase because of our new sign replacing his old one)

"My recent search for a signs manufacturer ended the moment I met...Signs Manufacturing™ in Dallas, TX.  Prior to meeting (Signs Manufacturing™) I had interviewed over six companies and none could fit my expectations..."

Noel Ridgley, Primrose School of Firewheel

"I am just tickled pink with that sign.  We drove by last night several times from every angle we could and it just shows up fantastic.  You did a great job on it!"

Paul Denison, BBQ Outfitters (with Brighter Signsoption)

"Fifteen years ago you made a lighted sign for me.  It STILL looks new, but finally needs electrical service..."

Lawrence Badger, M.D.

“The sign you designed for us is dynamite!  When we soft-opened our first store, before ANY advertising, your sign immediately began bringing us $1,500 per day in customers!”

Susan Osborne, Philly Connection (Her first sandwich shop opened at a $550,000 pace BEFORE she began advertising)

 “Several friends and business neighbors kid me that my sign is TOO BRIGHT and attracts TOO MUCH ATTENTION.  Our high level of walk-in/phone-in business has everyone jealous.  This is most interesting because we are not open at night, but the people we talk to mostly say that they saw our sign at night.”

Tim Tobey, State Farm Insurance (with Brighter Signs™ option)

 “We had to have our pylon (free-standing) sign removed for a name change.  When it was removed our business dropped over $9,000.00 per week-end.  The business immediately came back when the sign was reinstalled.  That sign is worth $500,000.00 in yearly business for us.”

Joe Spillman, Pizza Inn/Oregano’s

“All of our owners agree that in our Company’s 78 very successful years of business the best thing we ever did was to put our name in huge lighted letters on the outside of our building.  That sign has gained us more business than everything else we have tried put together.”

Rudy Beck, Precision Die Makers

“I came across your website and had to write.  You made me a lighted letter sign 6 years ago.  It still looks new.  Your paints and plastic coatings are truly amazing!”

Martha Perez, Twiddle Detail

“You made a pole sign for my business about the same time another business across the highway had one made.  Mine looks new, his looks like “hell” and he’s no longer in business.  Thought you’d like to know.”

John Kaye, Kaye’s Jewellers (Canada)

"A few months back we ordered 4 signs from you.  They were shipped up here to Alaska and we love them!  Now that it is dark out at night, the brighter neon stands out unbelievably well!  Thanks for the recommendation.  We need more signs!" 

Jason Kimmel, Glacier City Foods (Peppercini's)

“After being ripped-off by one sign company, who took my several-thousand-dollar deposit but never delivered my sign, I was nervous.  I’m sure glad I met you guys!”

Paul Lewis, Jubilee Mortgage

 “Thank you for your patience.  It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team on this sign.  You get things done when you say you are and are infinitely patient with the many changes my tenants wanted.  You are now my only source of signs and I’ll refer anyone who needs a sign to you.”

Thu Nguyen, Bluebonnet Plaza

 “Our business was slowly fading away.  We read what your web site says about old signs having a negative effect on a business.  Our sign certainly was old, so we decided to call you and invest in a new sign.  WOW.  Your new sign doubled our business!  Our grand kids thank you.”

Nancy Jackson, Perfect Cleaners

 “Many of our stores, with the help of your signs, do four times the volume of the best Company-owned Whataburger.”
Don Turbeville, Barrand, Inc. (A Whataburger franchise owner)

 “Everything went great. Thank you very much. I will use you again !!!!!”

RMP Industries

“In my previous 9 years of being in business I have never had 40 customers in a day.  Since you put up my Sunburst™ LED Display sign I have so-far averaged 53 customers per day, but my business is still growing again.”

Muhammad Faridi, MD, McAllen Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

"It looks phenomenal! You can't be within 1/4 mile of that sign and not know we're here!"

Morgan Porter, Medicine Chest (Describing his new 8mm display.)

“We bought Adapxxxx Displays LED Message Centers.  I'll be glad when the warranty has expired and I can justify new Sunburst LED Displays. So far the labor installing our "free" repair parts is over $20,000.  It is too much effort and money to keep up with low quality signs."

Miles Pennington II, Trinity Valley Community College

"...they (American Red Cross) are so impressed with your company and the ROI of the signage..."

Lisa McNamara, American Red Cross

"Our LED electronic-message-center which cost us over $28,000 failed when it was 2 weeks old. The company that installed it refuses to repair it - saying it can't be fixed. The manufacturer refuses to fix it also. Please repair or replace it."

Mark McCarthy, Harvest Christian Fellowship (We replaced it; they had to sue the old manufacturer and installer.)

“Our sign is like a star, a beacon in a universe of dull and dingy signs…it lights up the whole area!  We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Greg Clark, Mom’s Kitchen

"Our ($70,000) electronic-message-centers were nightmares. Even though they were only 2 years old the manufacturer refused to service them. Your years of service have been exceptional. Your new replacement signs are wonderful."

Major Vincent, Salvation Army

“Over many years we have observed that the businesses which survive are the ones which have the nicer, larger, more expensive signs.”

Bob Robbins, CentreCorp Management  (A shopping center development and management corporation)


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