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Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters   Channel Letters

Plastic Sign Faces for Channel Letters

Signs Manufacturing manufactures its own channel letter plastic components using 3/16” Cyro Acrylite® impact-modified acrylic sheet, G. E. Lexan®, and full 1" Jewelite® trim-cap, the best plastics available in the industry.

Cyro Acrylite® impact-modified acrylic sheet has a 8,900 psi tensile strength, high impact strength (0.63#/" of notch), a 90% light-transmission ratio, and only a 1.49 refractive index (Glass is 1.5.)  In other words, it is stronger, brighter, and clearer than the standard acrylic (unchanged since about 1940) used by most sign companies because of its lower cost.

Sometimes we use clear faces so that internal neon is visible.  These are often called "Open Channel" letters.  Clear faces are important in these instances so that birds do not nest in the letters.

Twenty-three "factory" colors, and 32,807 translucently painted colors are available.  Factory colors are:  015 White, 048 White, Ivory, 202 Red, 205 Red, 207 Red, 209 Red, 211 Red, 218 Red, 278 Red, 406 Yellow, 407 Yelllow, 424 Yellow, Rust, Orange, Brown, 507 Green, 5127 Green, 605 Blue, 606 Blue, 607 Blue, 613 Blue, and 693 Blue.

CYRO COLOR CHIPSOur signs are guaranteed by the manufacturers of the plastic we use not to fade or "yellow" for 5 years, unlike generic "polycarbonate" which begins yellowing almost immediately.

G. E. Lexan® is further warranted not to break for three to ten years (dependent on thickness and solar protection).

Eleven "factory" Lexan colors, and 32,807 translucently painted colors are available.  Factory colors are:  White, Ivory, 2283 Red, 2157 Red, Orange, Yellow, 2050 Blue, 2114 Blue, Brown, and Green.

A set of facts little-understood by many sign companies:

  •     Acrylic, and GE Lexan® has a UV protected and a non-protected side.  It is amazing how many signs are made with the non-protected side exposed.  We even protect the protected side with SolarGuard™ (see below.)

  •     Acrylics and polycarbonates are not totally uniform.  They vary in color and translucency batch-to-batch.  We make our multi-sheet signs with sheets from the same batch.

Multiple plastic components (sign faces and hanging-bars as an example) are chemically welded together for structural integrity.

Trim-cap (the plastic trim that holds the plastic letter face to the sides of the letter) is patterned by computer driven machinery we conceived so that it EXACTLY fits the letter face.  Hydraulic formers bend the trim-cap so that it is precisely plumb, and most importantly the strength of the hydraulic former works without having to cut notches in the trim-cap to weaken it for bending by hand, the accepted practice until now. 

TRIM-CAP COLOR SAMPLESSigns Manufacturing is the first company in THE WORLD to automate trim-cap forming!

Jewelite® trim-cap is a continuous metal strip inside a plastic covering, making the product much more durable than all-plastic imitators, some of which are only ¾”.

Twenty "factory" colors and 32,807 painted colors are available.  Factory colors are:  Black, Blue (Solid, Intense Blue, Brown, Bronze, 313 Bronze, Brushed Chrome, Chrome, Gold, Burgundy, Hi Green, Green (Solid), Hunter Green, Ivory, Metallic Silver, Orange, Teal, True Red, White, and Yellow.

The advantage to our customer is a better made AND a better looking product, lasting longer and requiring less service.

The letter faces are screwed to the metal letter bases to insure that they do not blow off in high winds.

Sign faces that don’t fade or “yellow” for 5 years is a step in the right direction, but your sign needs to look nearly as good 10 to 15 years from now as it looks the day it is installed; or you need to plan to replace it often so that your potential customers do not get the wrong impression of your business.Danbury, Conneticut

The longevity and appearance of plastic face materials and graphics are extended when they are coated with SolarGuard™, a special, clear, high-gloss, mar-resistant topcoat which protects plastics from ultraviolet light and ozone so that they last longer, just like your eyeglasses have UV coatings to protect the plastic lens.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing is an authorized SolarGuard™ applicator.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing adds SolarGuard™ protection to every plastic-faced sign.

SOLARGUARD 7 YEAR TESTDoes SolarGuard™ Protection Work?  The face on the left was made of “generic” red acrylic and black trim-cap.  The left half was coated with SolarGuard™ and the face was left outside for ONLY 7 years; your sign will be out there much longer!FADED CHANNEL LETTER FACES

How will your business be affected if your sign looks like the sign on the right in a few years?

Just as coated lenses in binoculars increase the light gathering ability of the lens, the special Lumabrite™ crystal clear coatings we use increase the brightness of our channel letters.

Also, Lumabrite™ reduces maintenance because of built-in self-cleaning properties.

As an added bonus Lumabrite™ also makes the letter faces more reflective when the sign is not lighted!

You won’t have dull, dingy plastic faces like those on the right if we manufacture your sign.

Dallas Signs Manufacturing adds Lumabrite™ crystal clear coatings to every plastic-faced sign.  No other local sign company does this.

Our people are factory-trained in the application of Lumabrite™.

We can even make your sign faces one color during the day (black, red, green, blue and more) and another at night (white, red, yellow, blue, green and more)!


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