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LED Message Center Rentals

Dallas Signs Manufacturing rents trailer-mounted double-sided 4' x 8' Sunburst Displays™ LED full-color digital animated electronic message centers, complete with their own self-contained power-plants and programming computers featuring remote wireless communications.  The "LED Sled™"

The LED Sled Rental TrailerRental units are available for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and all of North Texas.

For those with consistent needs we also sell these units.  Visit our "Portable Sign Sales" page, available from the "LED Message Centers" page.

The signs are 11' tall when fully extended.  Tall enough to be fully visible over virtually every vehicle except a delivery truck.  They are designed for effective use in a parking lot.  The signs and their trailers are engineered to withstand a 100 mph wind when properly deployed.

There's no need for the hassle and liability of running exposed power cords ("serious" message center signs require more power than one wall plug and extension cord can supply) plus computer cabling to the sign.  Our electric-start power generators are propane fueled, just like most barbeques.  Safer, and easy to refuel.

Our signs are obviously NOT solar-powered toys.  Some competitors brag that their "high-powered" signs use 300 watts of solar power per hour.  Even a simple wall outlet delivers 1800 watts.  You can visualize the resulting brightness they achieve; not good for your business' image.

This may be your answer if your business can't wait while we build your new sign.

Or, to bring in customers for a special event or Grand Opening.  Also great to promote church events, school events, trade shows, parades, city events, sports events, company parties, corporate events, etc., or to advertise at them!

Contact us for details.

Plan ahead, though, because the number of units available are limited and demand is fairly heavy.

Book now.

The LED Sled

"Information on the GO™"

12' wide outriggers deployed    Outriggers lock in extended position, detering theft    Propane powered electronics power generator    Locks protect everything in the trailer. 

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